by Peach Creek

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Tom Mellott – Vocals, guitar
Matt Bailey – Bass, guitar, vocals
Evan Gonnella – Drums

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by CJ Rare
Drums engineered by Matt Bailey

Cover art by Mackenzie Smith


released December 20, 2019


all rights reserved



Peach Creek New Jersey

Jersey sad punk

Tom & Matt

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Track Name: Barnes
Take the bus to Barnes, get onto the train
Pass out on the ride, listen to the rain

I hope you're happy now, wherever you are
I hope it's better now, take care of your heart

IHOP parking lot, we out here again
Endless summer nights, family out of friends

I'll see you around now, you'll always be with me
I want to fast forward to when everyone's happy

And I'm sorry for the worst parts of me
I want to fast forward to when everyone's happy
Track Name: Orange on the Rocks
This conversation's lukewarm, and this orange juice is, too
I feel sorry for the guy with the tribal tattoos
I wonder if his girlfriend even looks him in the eyes,
Or if he'll ever know about the other guys in her bed,
Or the awful things she said

We're so bored to death,
Part time jobs and student debt
We're so bored to tears
Someone get me out of here

She doesn't like my jacket with tough guy shoulders
I've gotta wear it, it's getting colder
I saw her eyes behind the smoke
I think I felt, I think I choked
I like the taste of the ash as it burns in the glass
Track Name: EXP
I was so naive my freshman year
Had no clue what I was doing there
I walked up with an alibi
Tried to seem like a different guy
It never worked
It never works

She left lipstick on me at the beach
An awkward kid with messed up teeth
I was so dumb when I was 14
I'm still dumb with more EXP

"Meet in the back of the library"
That is all she said to me
I learned a bit, but not a lot
Just enough to not get caught
It never worked
It never works

I was in my first band
Really sucked, man
Some things should have held on, some should have let go
The world was so small, the world was so weird
What the hell was freshman year?
Track Name: You Instead
When she asked "my place or yours?"
We wound up in her bed
And I know how fucked it sounds,
But I wished it was you instead

But I have these things I never said to you
What should I do?

My plan of attack is doing nothing at all
I don't think I could stand tall enough
My plan of attack is to hope for the best,
But do nothing 'cause I feel like the rest of them

When she asked me what was wrong
There's a lot I could have said
But I couldn't get it out
So I lied to her instead
I couldn't get it out
I need to get this out

It's been bad again
Trying to get sad again
Next time you're in my dreams
Can you tell me what it means?
Track Name: At the Station
I have songs to write right now
I have some words to say
What's the point of lying now?
What's the point of saving face?
I miss things I never had
I miss how I thought things were
I'm going out tonight
I'm gonna go get hurt

At the station, off the wagon
Breaking promises that I never meant to keep
At the station, off the wagon
Gonna drink myself to sleep again

You got two black eyes that night in the snowball fight
This song is petty, I know
But that serves you right
Why do we drink here?
Nobody really knows
The best answer we got is that it's Thursday night

With dated top 20 and desparation
Annihilated at the station
Pour your pitcher into my mouth
I'm getting crossed, its going south

At the station, off the wagon
Breaking promises you never meant to keep
At the station, off the wagon
You're gonna drink yourself to sleep again

Like a phoenix I'll rise from the bedroom floor where I died
I'm gonna do it again
I'm gonna let down my friends
Like a phoenix I'll rise from the kitchen floor where we died
I'm losing all respect, but that's just the facts

At the station off the wagon
Breaking promises that we never mean to keep
At the station off the wagon
We're gonna drink ourselves to sleep again

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